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Florida Needs Your Help!

The fight to keep a Confederate Monument in Lakeland, FL is being taken through the Federal Courts to stop the City of Lakeland from removing the monument from Munn Park. Currently the Federal Judge has thrown out the case! But that isn’t the end. The case is in the process of being appealed. But they need our help. Anything that can be contributed by as many people as possible can move this case through the courts. We have to show that we won’t stand back and let them continue to destroy and erase our history.

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From Save Southern Heritage, Florida, November 20, 2018:

Lakeland  – A lawsuit was filed in Federal Court today against the City of Lakeland and others to prevent the removal of the Historic Veterans Cenotaph from Munn Park. The suit was filed in in response to the action by the Lakeland City Commission last night that reversed the previous decision to require private donations to pay for the cost of taking the cenotaph out of the park.

The Lawsuit includes a request for an Emergency Temporary Restraining Order to that would prevent the City or its employees or contractors to begin removing the monument or to obstruct it from public view.

“The City gave us no other option” said David McCallister, attorney for the plaintiffs. At its regular City Commission meeting last night, the May 7, 2018 decision about who would pay for the Cenotaph’s removal was reversed in a 5-2 vote, with Stephanie Madden casting the deciding vote to change course and allow public funds to be used. Madden attributed her decision to the large turnout of supporters of taking down the memorial, while acknowledging the overwhelming number of calls and emails she had received asking her not to change her mind.

The “Yankee”, “Reconstruction” and “Social Justice Warrior” city officials have rejected the will of the people and think they can appease the resentful anti-veteran, anti-historic preservation haters by taking down the iconic, historic Munn Park “Confederate Dead” Cenotaph.

They have thumbed their noses at their constituents who have made their opinions clear time and time gain. We have won the battle of public opinion but the ‘do gooder’ city commissioners think they know best.

They are ignoring the will of the people and they are rejecting the City’s own history (Munn Park is a Historic District, as the monument is synonymous with Munn Park almost to its founding).

How can they be stopped? We see only one way…a lawsuit!!!! The facts in this case are uniquely supportive of pre-removal court intervention, and this is the first lawsuit SSH FL has pursued prior to removal, based upon that.

But TIME IS THE ENEMY. We need to raise $10,000 immediately to obtain a temporary restraining order to prevent the wrongful relocation of the iconic Munn Park Cenotah.

Will you help stop this disrespectful travesty?

The judge in Federal Court threw out their case. They are appealing it. But they need your help. Please donate to them directly by CLICKING HERE.