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As many of you know we have a member out in Oregon that is volunteering his time to help with these fires that have broke out. I sat down and did an interview with our own Stonewall Jackson while he was on break from battling the latest one. Since the beginning of these tragic fires the temperature has been over 100 degrees. You can imagine they are all exhausted.
These fires have been nonstop. They put one out and another starts, or the wind reignites part of one they just had out. Stonewall is volunteering with the Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue. He has been on 6 fire lines.
Since the outbreak of these all the volunteers are nonstop in the field. They are spending countless amounts of hours away from their families. Time away from work which results in falling behind on their bills. As our own TJ has found out, by calling to ask for an extension on a few bills. He is being told because he chooses to fight these fires that he chose not to work so they would not give him an extension.
They have been out there asking for nothing. They have received and drink from local citizens there. They have also received over 25 pizzas from Dominos. Which we would like to thank them for feeding our first responders and volunteers.
I ask what you would say to people who want to prevent these from happening. His response was simply this, “common sense would go a long way in them not starting.” Do not throw your cigarettes out the window. When you have a flat tire pull over don’t drag your trailer till you start a fire. Or when towing a vehicle make sure you have your chains put up to where they are dragging. When I ask Stonewall his thoughts of these fires he said to describe it would be easiest as “Hell on Earth”.
I want to personally on behalf of the Confederate Riders of America thank Stonewall Jackson and all those men and woman one the fire lines. Putting their own lives on the line to protect people and their homes. Thank you so much for what you are doing from the bottom of our hearts.