Adopt-A-Soldier Program

We have started the Adopt-A-Soldier program. This Program is about remembering our fallen soldiers. We have put this together so people can get more in touch with this history of these brave men.

The things we will provide once you fill out the forms is anything you ask for. If we can find things for the soldier we will send it to you. We are working hard to provide information to you. Please be patience with us as there are times it takes time to get this all gathered up.

We are striving to provide the best information out there. But there are times that we may not find much as much as our records have been destroyed or lost.
Things we try and provide you are rank, unit, muster date, if battles are listed those as well. Pretty much anything we can find.

We encourage all members to adopt a fallen soldier in their area. Things we do ask is for you to take care of them by taking care of their headstone and grave site. Respect them and the sacrifice they have made for our heritage.

Thank you Adopt-A-Soldier Program
Tonja Phoenix Barnes AAS Program Coordinator


2 thoughts on “Adopt-A-Soldier Program

  1. I have been looking around for my opportunity to adopt a soldier. I did find a cemetary with six Confederate soldiers and families within down in Florida. This cemetary looks well maintained. One or two has the old marble head stone which is well worn. I can barely read the C.S.A. lettering. That’s a lot of years ago. It’s hard to find the lost and forgotten ones. Because everyone has forgotten or passed away. But it was special to locate my first Confederate heroes and their families.

  2. If you could can you get pictures and send them to me thank you

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